“The vision to build a Cross in central Australia is without doubt a very exciting opportunity. It is not my personal project, but a vision of the elders from different communities in Central Australia. It is miraculous that we now have permission from all the relevant departments and stakeholders to build this Cross.” – Ken Duncan

This vision is an expression of culture, faith and the creative gifts that God has given this community.

When Ken was interviewed by a leading Australian journalist, the interviewer said, “Ken, I am not a Christian – or even a spiritual sort of person – so I don’t really believe in miracles. But I have dealt with government bureaucracies in the Northern Territory on many occasions and the fact that you have obtained permission on behalf of the indigenous elders to build a huge cross on top of a mountain in the heart of Australia, is indeed what I consider to be a miracle”.

How will the Cross be Funded:

When Ken shares the vision about the Cross, many people get excited by the opportunity and say they can’t wait to see it happen. It will happen, but it will require financial commitment to bring the dream to reality. As the project to raise the cross is something that expresses the culture, faith and creative gifts of the community it aligns with the vision of Walk-a-While foundation, which in turn enables supporters to donate funds.

Raising an Army:

God showed that he would face opposition to building the Cross. If this is as important as we believe it to be, and indeed part of the coming revival, then there will be spiritual warfare.

God said, “I don’t want just you and your indigenous friends to build the cross. I want the body of Christ to build it. This raising of the cross will unite the army of the Lord into action. You will need some strong centurion soldiers to walk with you. If you had 100 people, each committed to raising $5000, that would provide $500,000. That amount will be a strong start to your fund raising.”

God guided Ken to look at the command structure of the Roman Army. So here is the God-given strategy to help raise the funds to build the Cross.

What Can You Do?

It is not about the amount: we all know that how much we can give, is relative to what we have. For some people $100,000 is a drop in the ocean, but for others $100 will be a lot.

So firstly, please pray and find out if God wants you to be a part of this vision. If so, then ask Him what level you should be aiming for. Whatever level you decide, it does not only have to be up to you to provide the funds required. Your church, community organisation or group of friends may join with you to raise your goal amount. The more people involved, the better, as there is great strength in numbers.

It is a miracle that we have permission to build a Cross in the heart of Australia. Will you be one of the people who will stand with us and see that cross raised? Will you be able to say you were one of the soldiers of the cross who helped bring this vision to pass?

If so, please have a look at the plan below to decide on your level of involvement.

Enlist Now

Click the link below, to check out the suggested levels of commitment. You will see these levels are labelled as different army ranks. These symbolise the spiritual army being assembled for this task.

Then, prayerfully decide how you can ‘enlist’ into the army to Help Raise the Cross. If you do, you will be part of an important milestone in the spiritual history of our great nation.

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