“This painting depicts a vision that my people have about a cross being raised on our land at a place called Roundhouse Mountain (also known as Memory Mountain). We believe as this cross is raised up, proclaiming Jesus Christ over our land and our nation, it will help to ignite a great move of the Holy Spirit across Australia. For us, the raising of the cross will signify to all spiritual powers and principalities that we are covered by the blood of Jesus and that He is our strength in the spiritual battle we face. When it is erected, the cross will draw people to it. We believe as people come together in unity, focussed on the Cross of Jesus Christ and the victory it represents, we will see a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. It will be like a fire burning in the heart of our nation and spreading throughout the country.”


The Holy Spirit Fire Painting (below) was commissioned by Mission Australia. It is displayed in their Sydney based National Headquarters.

You can have a print of this beautiful painting for yourself (420mm wide x 594 mm high), by donating $1000 or more towards the Help Raise The Cross appeal. Just click the button below to enlist into the Army.


Holy Spirit Fire by Alison Multa - Print

Holy Spirit Fire by Alison Multa – Print