Roma Waterman and Judd Field have collaborated in writing a new song called ’Power in the Cross‘ to coincide with the Walk a While Foundation fundraising initiative for HELP RAISE THE CROSS.

In March 2014, Judd travelled to Haasts Bluff as part of a team led by Ken Duncan. Amongst other activities, they played the song to our indigenous brothers and sisters for their approval. Judd spent many hours worshipping with the community, inviting their participation and hearing their native tongue translations. Those involved wanted to take the translations back to their communities and teach the song to their people. They were in unison about the cross being raised in central Australia.


Roma is one of Australia’s leading Christian music artists. She is an award-winning song writer and author and has a passion to see God artists rise up to bring about revival through the arts. She has released 8 albums and three books, “The Handbook for Working Singers”, The God Artist – the quest for supernatural creative influence”, and “Releasing Heaven’s song”.

Roma and her husband are also the Oceanic directors of ‘Sounds of the Nations’ which exists to help raise up songwriters and worshipers to release worship in their own authentic style and sound. She travels the globe providing training, as well as leading worship and also runs an internship program within the Oceanic region that offers excellent resources and training for worship teams and individuals with a heart for missions and worship.

Her ministry and career are unique in that her involvement in the arts is varied, from being a minister in music, to speaking, being a session vocalist for many television shows, a vocal coach and songwriter. She is also the founder of the much loved Melbourne Gospel Choir.

Her greatest passion however, is moving in the prophetic. It is common for her to sing a spontaneous song unrehearsed in the middle of a ministry or performance time, and this has become what she is most known for. Many are touched by these moments as she is able to sing with great accuracy and foresight.


Judd Field is a singer songwriter with a crazy, almost 5 octave range. With a love for harmonies and vocal layers, he carries a pop/rock style with hints of passionate soul.

Judd has a gift of writing catchy melodies that has him currently writing a huge varied range of music for TV and film. His ability to crossover in styles from Gospel to Soul, Jazz and Funk to Rock, as well as his gifted ear for harmonies, make him a highly sought after session and solo vocalist, around Melbourne and Australia.

He has been singing and leading singing at Citylife Church for almost 25 years, during which time he has participated in the making of 20+ Resource Christian Music CD recordings. He has also lead the singing at many Youth Alive rallies at Rod Laver Arena with 13,000 youth.

With his gift of vocal arranging, Judd also directs the Melbourne Gospel Choir and recently co-produced the new Melbourne Gospel Choir Album “Freedom”. Judd is also a session vocalist for many TV shows.

Judd Field is also a World Vision artist/advocate who recently visited some World Vision slum projects in India, and now speaks and performs with Tim Costello on behalf of World Vision on issues of Child Slavery and Global Poverty.