Creative Technologies Centre


One of the key objectives of Walk a While is to equip indigenous youth in remote communities with the necessary tools and skills to improve their opportunities for future employment. The concept is to walk alongside indigenous people, using the creative arts as common ground. Right now today we are doing this through regular visits to a community at Haasts Bluff about 250km west of Alice Springs. 

We are now in the final stages of negotiating a lease for a permanent building in the community for our first Creative Arts & Technologies Centre.  This centre will house instructors and equipment and provide a base for training in a variety of creative arts, including photography, cinematography, music, website development and design. The picture below is of the building we are likely to be able to use.

This is the building we are hoping to lease.

This is the building we are hoping to lease.

We are now close to finalising the terms of our lease and will need your support for the ongoing program of work there. Work that will equip a generation to participate in the digital economy and see sustainable change in the economic circumstances of the people.