A long term life changing strategy ....

A respected indigenous elder once gave our founder Ken Duncan some advice: “If you really want to know someone, you need to "walk a while" with them.”

The primary objective of our foundation is to walk alongside indigenous people using creative or visual arts as common ground. We provide youth with equipment and skills to tell their stories and to equip them to engage in meaningful employment opportunities for the future.

We often tend to look to government to bring about unity and reconciliation, but the reality is we can all make a difference. Politics by its nature sometimes polarises issues but we can all work together and make change now. Our vision is for all citizens of our nation to truly walk a while together in this beautiful land we call home.

Young people of the community have a keen interest in visual arts and digital technology.

Young people of the community have a keen interest in visual arts and digital technology.

Initially Walk a While focused on photography, video and music and – with assistance from some of Australia’s finest artists – the project quickly gained momentum. Central to the plan is to show our indigenous friends how they can make a living from the creative arts. This way, they will begin to see more choices for their future and free themselves from the cycle of dependency, which erodes identity and self-respect.

Until now, Walk a While teams have taken their own equipment when visiting the community. But when the team leaves, so does the technology. The immediate goal which we are now close to achieving is to secure a permanent building for a Creative Arts & Technologies Centre, to house instructors and equipment and to provide a base for training in a variety of creative arts, including photography, cinematography, music, website development and design.

We have made great progress and continue to visit and work with the community on a regular basis.  Walk a While, listed in the Australian Register of Cultural Organisations, is able to receive tax-deductible donations. Read more or support the project using the links below.

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