Between Heaven and Earth, Kurrkalnga

$350.00 AUD

This signed print is 24″ wide and is inkjet printed with ultrachrome inks on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton rag paper which provides optimum archival permanence.

Prints are sold unframed
Prices include GST and free delivery worldwide



On a recent visit to Haasts Bluff, Ken took along his good friend Leo Meier. Leo is a gifted and prolific photographer who Ken has worked closely with on several projects. In fact, Ken considers him to be one of the world’s great photographers and thought it an honour to take him out there. Leo got very excited when they climbed the mountain together. He really caught the vision of the Cross and because the lighting that day was very dramatic, Leo took some photos. When he saw the final image (above), he was mystified because, in the clouds, you can see the shape of a Cross, with a heart above it, to the right. And where you see three shafts of light coming down in the scene; that is the exact place where the Cross is being built. Leo didn’t add these elements in PhotoShop. He discovered the Cross, the heart in the clouds, and the shafts of light, when he looked at the digital image during post processing. The actual steel Cross has been added to the scene digitally and it is to scale. If you look carefully, you can see a tiny speck at the base of the Cross on the left-hand side. That’s Ken – see how tiny he looks at 1.9 metres compared, to the 22 metre high Cross.
Leo has very kindly donated his photo for Walk a While’s use. So, we’re offering you a signed, 24” wide print (unframed) for only $350 including gst and free delivery, world-wide. The print is called, Between Heaven and Earth, Kurrkalnga (which is the aboriginal name for Memory Mountain). All profits will go directly to raising the Cross.

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