‘The Billabong’

‘Arnhem Land’

Stephanie Broad

Stephanie Broad is a Melbourne-based artist, who works with a variety of different textures and mediums on canvas.  Stephanie’s work often carries the same story throughout – It is the story of her beloved Australia, The Great South-land of The Holy Spirit.

Ever since hearing Ken Duncan speak at her local church about Raising The Cross, there has been a stirring in her spirit to partner with this incredibly bold vision of the remote indigenous community of Haasts Bluff, NT.

With a deep conviction that love looks like something, Stephanie felt challenged to not only partner with this vision in prayer but to also find a practical way to raise funds towards this vision.

As a mouth-piece for God, Stephanie’s voice often speaks through her art.  Everyone has a voice and everyone has their own unique sound to discover and uncover.  Sometimes a voice will roar through a megaphone.  Other times a voice will sound through the stroke of the artist’s paint brush or through the cry of the poet that prophecies.  The rich diversity in our voices and own unique sound is something to be celebrated.

Stephanie has created two original mixed-media artworks, which were birthed whilst recently flying over central Australia, en route to Uluru.  Captivated by the beauty of this great nation from above, she felt compelled to put paint to canvas and paint her beloved Australia from a higher perspective.

Both artworks are available to purchase as prints, in a limited edition of 100.  The prints are of the highest quality museum paper and include an embossed certificate of quality from the Melbourne printmaker.  Each print is signed by Stephanie.

The prints are available to purchase through Stephanie’s website, www.stephaniebroad.org

50% of all profits from each print sale will be donated directly to Walk A While.

Our beloved, Australia, has been laying dormant for many years, however, she is now awakening from her slumber.  Revival fire is sweeping across this Great South-land of The Holy Spirit.  It is a fire cannot be quenched or put out.

Visit www.stephaniebroad.org to place an order

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