Why Raise The Cross

The cross site at Memory Mountain

The cross site at Memory Mountain

The Vision

The vision to build a twenty metre high cross on Memory Mountain is an expression of the culture, faith and the creative gifts of the community of Ikuntji and the surrounding area. It also reflects local people's vision for a social enterprise that will create sustainable income from authentic connection with their community and this bold and audacious plan!

Local parliamentarians, non-government organisations, representative groups and authorities have all reviewed the plans, consulted with local people and affirm that this vision truly is that of the community. Permission has now been granted and Walk a While is working to raise funds to enable the Cross to be completed. 

The Cross will bring visitors to the area which in turn will bring connection, understanding, relationship, reconciliation and economic benefit. A social enterprise company Memory Mountain Limited has been established to ensure that the benefits of tourism flow the community.

Memory Mountain Limited has a majority of directors drawn from local traditional owners and elders, so they all will truly have control over this ground breaking project.

How will the Cross be Funded

Many people are excited by the opportunity and say they can’t wait to see it happen. Whether they are people of faith, who identify with the vision from that perspective, or are simply excited because it reflects the hearts desire of the community, their creativity and culture.  This project is something that truly inspires. 

As the project expresses the culture, faith and creative gifts of the community it aligns with the vision of Walk-a-While foundation, which in turn enables supporters to donate funds via our foundation. Our educational work in the community will also equip local people to engage with visitors and share their photography, music, film making and digital media skills. 

What Can You Do?

It is not about the amount: we all know that how much we can give, is relative to what we have. For some people $100,000 is a drop in the ocean, but for others $100 will be a lot.

So firstly, please give some thought to what you can afford to give. This is a massively transformational project where every dollar counts. If you're a person of faith then please do seek God on what you should give, but whether or not you're a Christian this is a truly life changing project. 

Whatever level you decide, it does not only have to be up to you to provide the funds required. Your church, community organisation or group of friends may join with you to raise your goal amount. The more people involved, the better, as there is great strength in numbers.

It is a miracle that we have permission to build a Cross in the heart of Australia. We would love you be one of the people who will stand with us and see that cross raised?