The Cross

The project to construct a twenty metre high steel cross at Memory Mountain reflects the vision, culture, faith and creativity of many local people and community elders. 

As the vision for this project is such a passion for local people, and core to their desire to share their creativity and culture with the world, Walk A While is seeking financial and practical assistance from the global community. 

Memory Mt. Cross.jpg

The Cross – A Spiritual Heritage

Local people may have many complaints about their treatment and present day circumstances but they have a profound belief that real reconciliation for us all comes through a relationship with a loving God. They are keen to share this hope with the world and are expressing it in a visually creative and impactful way. This belief has inspired this project.

Stewardship of the cross when completed will rest with a not-for-profit "social enterprise" company that has been established with local people as majority members and directors. The project will in no way create profits for people outside the area. 

The company is called Memory Mountain Limited. The company is registered with the ACNC as an endorsed charity and can only use it's surplus funds for initiatives that improve the circumstances of the local community. 

Memory Mountain

Memory Mountain

The Role of Sing-Along

Since 1982, a group of indigenous Christians has been singing songs of praise and worship almost every night for hours at a time. They call this phenomenon “sing-along”. This hasn’t been imposed on the indigenous Christians; it’s their own form of worship that they have chosen.

It was at a sing-along gathering that the vision for the cross was shared independently by three different Aboriginal people at three different times. The conviction of local people that the cross was something that had to be built motivated them to ask for help and continues to motivate them as the project has moved through phases of consultation and approval.

Preparing for sing-along gathering at Memory.

Preparing for sing-along gathering at Memory.

What Will The Cross Look Like

The cross will not be a small, insignificant structure. It will be twenty metres high and erected on top of Memory Mountain which is about 190 metres high. The cross will be tastefully outlined with low light solar powered LED lights so it can be seen from afar at night. The required permissions and plans are all in place and the project has been carefully costed and is now underway.

So Please Join Us In Raising The Cross

We invite you to join with us to make this vision a reality and support the vision of local people. If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to this project that promotes the culture, faith and vision of the community, please click the donate button below to get started! 

Check our news pages for updates on our fundraising progress and let us have your contact details so we can keep in touch. 

If you'd like more of an insight into Memory Mountain follow the link to their site, but come back and join us and support our work!